Nuclear Preview

The Hamilton family invites you to Christmas dinner in the play, Nuclear. Join them at the Wits Amphitheatre on the 15th (19:00 show), 16th (16:30 show) and 18th (16:30 show) of November.

Arriving at this year’s Christmas festivities is an interloper who will push the family to its limits. Equal parts dark, wry, and sexy, Nuclear is a play inspired by Edward Albee’s twisted living room dramas and the classic Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex.

Centering on the themes of grief, family, and the performance of self, Nuclear is a modern drama that tackles the boundaries of the modern family. In today’s social media society, it seems that we are more and more exposed to performances of happiness, family, relationships, love, and sex that overstimulate a sense of communication and a lack of intimacy. While choosing to explore these ideas in a perverse way, Nuclear becomes relevant for a generation raised on the notion of performative presentation of the self. This metaphor becomes cemented in the character of the actor in Nuclear, who is rehearsing for his role in an upcoming production of Oedipus Rex at the same time as he is pretending to be someone’s son.

Nuclear is written and directed by Saul Kemack, a fourth year student at Wits University’s department of Theatre and Performance. The cast is comprised of students across all years in the same department, including Damien Wantenaar, Megan Miller, Themba Dlamini, Sukeina Issufo, and Michael Potter. Nuclear has been stage managed and designed by Sarah Buckland, a second year Theatre and Performance student at Wits.

The entire creative team have thoroughly enjoyed wrapping their heads around the complexity of family dynamics, and have done brilliant work in grounding the play’s conflict in both representational and presentational styles. Each character brings a different perspective on grief and performance of family that surrounds the protagonist’s sense of loss.

As the end of the year approaches and brings with it inevitable family drama, there is no better time to catch Nuclear. We hope to see you there.

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